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How to Raise Creative Children

It doesn't matter what career your child eventually chooses, the ability to think and perform creatively will be one of their greatest assets. Here are a few ways to encourage those abilities. Read more

How to Be A Strong Single Mom

Through all the hardships of raising kids as a single mom, there are moments of utter bliss. But often mothers suffer feelings of hopelessness and aloneness. In the end, a mother hopes only for the best for her children. The ultimate goal is their success in life as human beings and their attainment of happiness. If a mother can achieve this, she is successful.  Read more

How to Survive a Multi-Family Household

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Today, more families are finding themselves living in a situation like that of The Waltons TV family. Layoffs, high mortgages, care of aging parents and the general cost of living have forced us to look at any and all possible solutions. Without the magic 60-minute problem solving of a weekly television show, it is possible to survive a multi family household.
Read more

How to Stop Temper Tantrums with Young Children

Temper tantrums make everyone involved want to pull out their hair and run for the hills. If you scream at the child to stop the tantrum, they will only cry louder and bribing is never good parenting… yet everyone around is probably giving you dirty looks. Sound familiar? Whether you are at home or in public, try this method for stopping temper tantrums. It gives children a release for their frustration and allows for you to take quick control of the situation. Read more

How to Save Money on Your Children's Clothes

During this economic recession, dressing your children can become a challenge. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently came out with figures that are supposed to reflect how much it costs to raise a child. They budget $60 a month for children's clothes. This author has been raising two children as a single mother for the past six years and has never spent anywhere near that for her children's clothes. Read more

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